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If it's so hard to determine how efficient government is than how can you be so convinced that it's so wasteful?

Lowest bid policies are not just stupid, they're obviously stupid. So not only do you have an obviously stupid policy, you've got the obviously stupid system that settled on such an obviously stupid policy in the first place. Given this mountain of stupidity, it is safe to conclude that the government is not being run nearly as inefficiently as it could be in the absence of such multifaceted idiocy.

So the problem is that everyone in government is just dumb? That doesn't seem like a very plausible explanation to me.

Did I say the people are dumb? No, I said the rules are dumb and the system that formulated those rules is dumb. Extending this to the people running the system was an inference you made, not something I actually said.

As it turns out, the current rules are actually very effective if what you want is a system tailor made to produce large and profitable overages after any danger of losing a contract to a competing contractor has been mitigated.

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