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So this feature has landed in Firefox 34, but you might not be able to use it yet, because apparently the WebRTC initiator infrastructure that Mozilla uses (Loop) has been rate limited to include only a random 10% of users [1].

If you want to try Talk, and you're eager to 'help' Mozilla stress-test Loop a bit:

1. Go to about:config and set loop.throttled to false

2. Restart Firefox

3. Go to the right 'hamburger' menu, click customize and add Talk to the menu. If Talk doesn't show up, you might need to do a 'Restore defaults' first

I just tried it, and it works wonderfully, even on mobile and in an older Firefox version. The noise cancellation is not on par with Skype however.

[1] https://wiki.mozilla.org/Loop/Load_Handling

Yep, we have plans to improve the noise and echo cancellation. It kind of works at the moment, but should be much better. Also the quality is not uniform across the platform, which is another thing we want to fix.

For connectivity and quality issues, we built callstats.js. Which provides google analytics type of service for WebRTC apps. Not only business metrics but analysing ICE connectivity issues and media quality from the stats-api

Thanks for the instructions - works well. In my case the menu item's called "Hello" rather than "Talk".

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