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Ask HN: Great and intuitive courses on Algorithms
7 points by Nib on Nov 29, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Are there any awesome online courses that "Introduce" one to algorithms ? I mean, I've seen the ADuni course and one by UC Berkeley, but they're kinda old and un-intuitive.

So, shoot away people...

A. I've seen the book. I have a copy of it, but it's too difficult to understand and huge in sizzle. Personally, I think ADM is better than CLRS. Also, it's not intuitive and "user"-friendly. B. I asked for course recommendations, though I have this book, It's not possible for me to easily afford such books, they are way too costly and my parents won't let me spend my pocket money on them.

> my parents won't let me spend my pocket money on them

This sounds like a larger problem. Unless they're trying to get you to invest it or something "responsible," it seems like a red flag that someone as interested in computing as you appear to be would have parents stifling their learning.

On a more useful note, there are some good courses available on Coursera:


Both the Stanford and Princeton intro courses there don't appear to require nonfree texts.

Also, I wouldn't worry about a course being "old." Algorithms don't really go out of style, outside of some advanced topics like concurrency and architecture-specific design. Algorithm texts from the last century (or perhaps even earlier, if you look at number theory work by ancient mathematicians) are totally useful and relevant today.

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