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Show HN: Black Friday deals for developers (dealroundup.io)
141 points by relix on Nov 28, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 82 comments

I expected more, nothing really interesting on that list. Just the usual suspects, the same old Mac software that's (1) always on sale or (2) bundled up every few months.

I had the same thought. Now I remember that most of the best software for developers is already open source.

Simply not true on Windows. Hardly true on OS X, but otherwise, yes, gcc is free.

Reading this list makes me happy I develop for/with Linux.

Eh, the fact that there are a lot of paid software for Mac is not indication of the lack of open source software. It only suggests a healthy market.

There a lot of open source software for Mac, too, and I frankly does not use any software on this list. In fact, the POSIX nature of Mac OS X means that the majority of open source software on Linux are also available for OS X.

I never understand this mindset, where OS X having a thriving independent software ecosystem -- something that I would expect HN to support, startups doing well and all that -- is a negative.

People just want to make (even more) money.

The only software I pay for is my IDE :).

Indeed. They should call it "Mac Friday" deals. Sqlite manager pro? Really? Someone would pay for that?

Several of the services here are pretty interesting (Slack, DigitalOcean, Algolia (they run HN's search)):


Pity that jetbrains didn't join the party (I know they are Czeck). At least, I got me some little snitch && pixelmator 50% off which it nice.

That is weird, because they did have an end of the world sale at something like 75% of if you brought a years worth of upgrades, so they are not against using silly days to sell merc.

That sale was nuts. I think everything was like $12 or something insane like that. Picked up RedMine and AppCode myself.

Just in case anyone isn't aware and might find it useful, Jetbrains software is all free for students. https://www.jetbrains.com/student/

It seems they haven't had a sale in ages, which is a shame because I really want Pycharm but won't pay full wack for it.

Sorry, not picking on you, but statements like yours kind of bug me. You want a quality product yet refuse to pay what the developers have determined is both fair for their development and continued evolution and support for their product? Well, then, use something else.

Disclosure: No relationship to Jetbrains other than being a happy customer who paid "full wack". I do wish they'd improve their support though. My experience has been it's mostly crickets for a while before you hear back.

I'm surprised why this upsets you? You are making a fundamental assumption that price is somehow connected to input costs. This is not true for anything other than commodities. An experienced marketer was giving a talk in one of my biz classes in school when someone asked him how one much one can sell X for. His response was ... however much you can sell it for :-p

So tldr ... pricing for all non-essential goods is a game played by the seller and buyer. No one should be upset :)

For pycharm, the community edition has done me an excellent service. but it's true that I'm far from a power user.

>It seems they haven't had a sale in ages, which is a shame because I really want Pycharm but won't pay full wack for it.

They've dramatically reduced discounts since they introduced the Community edition. I can't blame them, tbh. Try the CE, it might be enough for what you need.

https://pragprog.com/ has 50% off all books. I don't see that listed here.

It feels very much bait and switch cause their big seller isn't eligible. You don't know that until you add it to the cart and try the coupon code though.

aren't those for ebooks?

That is true, the discount is only good for e-books.

I hardly even thought to make the distinction. These days, for technical topics anyway, the "e-" prefix is just as optional for "book" as "mail".

> These days, for technical topics anyway, the "e-" prefix is just as optional for "book" as "mail".

No, it's not. If you sell me a book, and it turns out to be an ebook, that's a scam, and I'm getting my money back. Technical topics or not.

My book, Bulletproof SSL and TLS, is available at 50% with the coupon BLACKFRIDAY: https://www.feistyduck.com/books/bulletproof-ssl-and-tls/bla...

Please note that the discount on the bundle (paperback and digital formats) is about 48%, due to the coupon limitations of Shopify. For full disclosure: we currently have a small discount for everyone, and the coupon adds 40% on top of that.

30% off Bvckup 2 - https://bvckup2.com/purchase/?code=BF2014

Not a dev tool per se, just a general purpose app that may come handy as a part of the development pipeline. Here's the Show HN I made several months ago - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8027405

Off topic, but kudos for your product site - I think it's functionally and aesthetically very well done.

The annotated UI pagers on the homepage are neat.

Thanks. I was actually going to redo it soon, but mostly just the pitch, not the styling.

Suggestion for companies running Black Friday deals for techies. Don't run them with midnight to midnight hours based on the EAST COAST!!! Run the midnight EAST COAST until midnight WEST COAST.

I was looking at transferring dozens of domains from GoDaddy to NameCheap today. Their deals ended at midnight east coast. I'm in Los Angeles.

Don't know if the domain transfer deal ran for a specific sub-segment of the day, which means I would have missed it anyway. I thought I'd just highlight that ending online deals at midnight east coast makes little sense. Particularly on a day when people can be very busy during the hours that brick-and-mortars are open or, barring that, if they happen to be enjoying time with family, which may have bee the primary purpose of travelling for the holiday weekend.

In other words, be smart about how you make these decisions while at the same time being considerate to the customers you are trying to attract.

Also, one hour deals? Really? I probably have over 50 domains still left at GoDaddy. Do I really have to get that done in one hour? It almost guarantees that some will not be transferred until next year.

Not ranting, just voicing an opinion. I could be wrong.

Not to hijack the thread, but I just created this thread to discuss the book deals in particular: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8671630

Which technical books have you recently read that could appeal to the HN crowd?

DaisyDisk 50% off


Who the fuck would pay for that, when WinDirStat, KDirStat, and Grand Perspective are all free, and far more powerful, while still being quite easy to use.

It seems to get mentioned EVERYWHERE, but it offers nothing compelling.

> it offers nothing compelling to me.

I fixed that for you, you forgot for a moment that your subjective ranking of software features is not a perfectly objective metric that holds for all humans.

Personally, I prefer Daisy Disk because it it fast, well designed, and I find it easier to reason with its representation of space used.

I prefer DaisyDisk to all the above

We're giving WakaTime premium out for the student price for 1 yr (applies to team plan too). Student price is $5. Use this coupon code on the billing page:

HACKERS-GIVE-THANKS https://wakatime.com/

Can't see why this is getting downvoted. HN is becoming rampant with downvoters who don't even bother to leave a comment :(

What if you're an existing customer?

It's meant for new customers, but send me an email :)

sweet product, thank you

If you're interested in getting 30% off for the first 6 months on any plan @ Blossom (https://www.blossom.io) reach out to us at hello@blossom.io and mention "HN & Black Friday"


VMware is doing 30% off on Fusion.

I'm looking at it for some extra performance over VirtualBox, and so far it seems to deliver.


near the bottom of the the list is a course for sale:

"How To Market Yourself as a Developer"

it's regularly $599, but wait, now it's $299 but today it's on sale for $190!

sounds like somebody definitely has the marketing part figured out

The Design+Code deal links to dealroundup.io instead of designcode.io.

Thanks, that's fixed now.

I'm running a deal on my design and marketing books here: http://nathanbarry.com/black-friday/

Drat, I was hoping you were the creator. Being able to exclude tags (iOS apps for example) would make this very valuable.

I am :) I just added a filtering box where you can type something in. Excluding is just a tad too complicated a UI to make simple enough in a short time, so it's include-only for now.

50% off any of the http://ipinfo.io geolocation API paid plans for 6 months. Offer valid until Dec 2nd:


Zone (time tracker) - 40% off - $2.99 - http://appstore.com/mac/zone

Zonebox (timeboxing) - 40% off - $2.99 - http://appstore.com/mac/zonebox

Brennan Dunn has money off his "Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint" ebook & bundles:


Any good?

Where is Sublime and IntelliJ Idea???? They are the only ones that matter :D


that tweet is from 2013.

I was dreaming about a Jetbrains deal too.

use emacs

You're being a bit irresponsible, people are not really the same after embracing Emacs. First you try to understand what's the deal with all these parens and year later you frown at almost everything that isn't Lisp.

You can get SqlSmash (productivity plugin for Sql Server) http://sqlsmash.com for 40% off using coupon code 'BlackFriday'

Code School has deals for 6 and 12 month subscriptions.


Here are a couple of my apps on sale. I'd be happy to give coupons to HN users - shoot me an email: haseebq _at_ jumpdesktop.com

Jump Desktop RDP & VNC for iOS: $15 -> $10: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-desktop-remote-desktop/...

Jump Desktop RDP & VNC for Mac: $30 -> $15: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-desktop-remote-desktop/...

Does Jump Desktop support RDP file transfer using copy/paste? I looked at the product description but didn't see this noted.

No it doesn't support copy-paste file transfers yet. Supports folder redirection though.

Pinegrow Web Editor - 10$ off for personal license, 15$ off for company license.


SnappyApp - 75% off - http://appstore.com/mac/SnappyApp

Any suggestions on O'Reilly books to get?

I'm getting this book - Learning Spark Lightning-Fast Big Data Analytics http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920028512.do

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Love javascript the good parts.

Also "Unix Power Tools" I have found to be a useful reference.

Got one course from udemy at $19, not bad.

I'd like to find a great course that teaches design to developers. In particular, mobile or web.

Pluralsight has a bunch of courses you might like. E.g http://www.pluralsight.com/courses/hacking-user-experience. I got a 30% discount email from them. http://www.pluralsight.com/signup?discountCode=b2cfall2014mo...

I haven't gone through the course so I can't vouch for it, but perhaps this is of interest:


For people who purchased the iOS 8 course based on Swift, there is a further discount to $39 until Monday (not sure if this applies to people who haven't yet purchased the course, so caveat emptor).

Maybe you should consider finding a designer who wants to do developing, and take turns teaching eachother.

Developers need hardware too!

OP: There's a typo in the title for ReadKit:

> ReadKit RRS reader

(should read RSS).

Good catch! Fixed.

No intellij deal :-(

Deckset is 50% off!

We are running a Black Friday Mac App Bundle here: http://bundle.fiplab.com/

This thing has Apple so far up its ass, systemd can't even come out the other end.

60% OFF for a Premium Membership of CloudAcademy.com to learn AWS, pass AWS Certifications and use our courses, labs and quizzes/explanations to test your cloud skills.

Annual membership at $229/year: https://cloudacademy.com/pricing/plan/pro-yearly/checkout/?c...

We usually have developers, sysadmins and IT managers using it with also some big companies using our training for their dev teams. Thank you!

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