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Google Wave is the Segway of email
5 points by jgrahamc on Oct 7, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
So, I received an invite to Google Wave. Ignoring all the problems inherent in a new service, I'm underwhelmed. It looks like the application of cool technology to a problem I didn't have.

By far the worst part is the IM in the middle of otherwise static data. I can see how archived conversations all in one place are good, but Wave's busy UI means that I can't keep more than one IM-like conversation going. That's something I can easily do with any IM client.

Also, the watch every character as it's typed is horrible. Especially when the person on the other end is a poor typist.

I can also see how reach editable, email is nice to have. But I'm not sure trying to put this all together is the answer. Yes, I like IM with my colleagues for real time stuff. Yes, I like shared documents. Yes, I like the store and forward nature of email.

But making a single stew out of them all seems like a mistake.

Would love to hear HN users' thoughts.

A bit quick to skip the trial and go straight to the hanging... As the other poster stated give it time. Look past the SMS / IM social butterfly aspect to the big picture.

I think its the best damn thing I've seen come down the Internet pipe in a loooong while. Hands down.

IM+WIKI+Shared+Whiteboard+Email+ UserGroups+MailLists+Documents + Campfire + Backpack + ... -> Wave

The really good stuff, is still off on the horizon, Robots for all kinds of clever things. Huge explosion there. Huge.

Patience, its more than a Wave; its a Tsunami.

>making a single stew out of them all seems like a mistake.

Ya... http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20070710/absurd-the-giant-swi...

Maybe their design choices were.. uninformed. The team was small, quite secluded (in Australia) & secretive (even within google). It;ll be interesting to see what/how much they change.

I started off on that end of the spectrum too... I haven't shifted dramatically, but little by little as more friends get it I am finding myself wishing I could use it with still more.

So far it's a great replacement for a lot of my emailing, user groups, and certain IM chats.

EDIT: Oh yeah and wiki-like things that aren't really wiki-fit.

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