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Just for fun I tried to estimate the performance characteristics of this service.

My initial assumption is that the 2.2M pages per ~18h are the main workload. This is also supported by the chart at the bottom, outside of the 18h timespan there is hardly any baseload. The blog additionally gives the following facts: 18 c1.medium instances and ~60% utilization after the optimization (taken from the chart).

Now this allows us to calculate the time per page. First the time for the total workload per day is num_machines(cpu_time_per_machine)=18machines(18h*0.6)=194h of processing per day.

On page level this is than 194h/2.2M=317ms per page.

This feels really slow, and should even be multiplied by two to get the time per cpu core (the machines have two cpu cores)! I would guess that the underlying architecture is probably either node.js or ruby. Based on these performance characteristics the minimum cost for this kind of analysis per day is $25. For customers this means that on average the value per 1k analyzed pages should be at least $1.13. I think this is only possible with very selective and targeted scraping, given that this only includes extracting raw text/fragments from the webpages and does not include further processing.

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