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I often need to wash up after particularly messy system administration tasks. That sink will come in handy.

I'd be curious to know if systemd is tickled by this one weird trick to crash your server. It does work with inotify (and other fun newish kernel techs), so it would be subject to the inotify queue length...but what'll happen when it hits it?

TTBOMK, systemd doesn't watch unit files for changes. If you change a unit, you need to run `systemctl daemon-reload` to make it notice. It does, however, try to work out if it's in a state where you are running `systemctl` without reloading, and warns that you may need to reload.

Eyeballing their inotify use, it does seem to be careful to check this field and log failures if it's not as expected, but doesn't appear to do anything that should intentionally or unintentionally trigger failure.

And then take this anti-pattern and multiply it by the sheer excess of feeping creaturism; a massive vulnerability surface. If you thought AWS's short notice reboot everything incident was/is uncommon I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of that sort of thing in the nearish future.

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