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Pretty big world, but it doesn't even compare to 2b2t in scale.

For those who havent heard of it, 2b2t is an anarchy survival server that's been around for about the same period of time, 3-4 years, with no resets. Virtually the entire map from the spawn point to 5km from spawn is a desolate wasteland littered with ruins griefed bases, castles, and megastructures.

With the introduction of the hunger system everything got a lot more interesting, requiring new players to make a mad scramble from spawn and try to find some source of sustenance. It's not uncommon for new players searching for food to duck into a 2-3 year old base that's been long abandoned but has a few precious pieces of bread left in a chest.

Typically players will build their bases anywhere between 10-500km away from spawn, and when they do, they build some of the most impressive bases I've seen in the game. One favored hobby of many regulars is to go hunting for these gems that have usually been abandoned years past.

Google it and you can get a good idea of exactly how old the map is, but the pictures really don't do justice to the absolute carnage of spawn.

Here's a video tour of 2b2t for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIlcLPJqvvA

Just watched that and came away a bit confused. I'm not a minecraft player, but I understand what it is and have seen videos of people playing. I guess my question is, in the case of this, did someone go around a build that whole world just to mess with players or is it the work of a lot of different people who want to make a difficult world?

I suppose I just don't get what they are going for.

The latter. The admin takes a completely hands-off approach to running the server (I'm not even sure if he plays on it). So the condition of the spawn is purely because many people over the years thought it would be funny to make it as inhospitable as possible.

I guess it's an acquired taste, but there's something fun about trying to survive in such a hostile world. How many game servers have 200+ page comics written about them? http://minecraft2b2t.thecomicseries.com/

We should carve out a small section of land, right at the spawn. One chunk, say. Fill it with useful things like farms, farm animals, resources. Then, guard it 24/7 by using a rotating staff system. See how long we can keep it defended!

Oh, people have tried. It never lasts.


EDIT: Looks like I've gotten sucked in again. Feel free to message me if you want to try.

It would take a single smart person to undo hours of work. Even if you guard it really well, there's only so much you can do in minecraft.

Someone can approach you from 200m high building a 1m-wide bridge from outside your radar and just drop lava (or active TNT) on you. In minecraft, you need a pretty high defender:griefer ratio to keep things intact.

I guess it grows naturally: the first players build a huge building near spawn, some griefer destroys it all, the next builders build a bit further from spawn, etc.

Also the resources you need for building are further and further away from the spawn. Everybody takes some and decides to build just a little further away.

That video also shows the prime failure in having an anarchy server: It's so easy to cheat. The guy has a radar and can spot any player before they could spot him.

Then there's loads of other plugins that people use to find ore, hidden buildings, track players, speedboost, fly even on servers that disallow it, etc... etc...

I wanted to like Minecraft. The hilariously insecure gameplay is what breaks it. It's not a game of survival, it's a game of trolls who can exploit the most.

Yeah, the "game" part of Minecraft is shallow enough as it is, and it only gets shallower when you cheat.

On the other hand, when almost everyone is using those cheats, it levels the playing field a bit.

I was going to say: This world is pretty impressive, but I'd rather see what people do in a survival world. For some reason I thought it would be a utopia with marvelous redstone machines everywhere, automating everything, etc. But not surprisingly that's not the case. Thanks for sharing.

You should look at civcraft. It's basically the same thing, but with a bunch of "realism" mods (realistic natural resource distribution, the ability to protect structures, etc.) and there is (was? I haven't played in a few years) a ton of automated production machinery players have built.

The market in civcraft was really impressive. I remember when Bitcoin was less than a dollar, you could buy 60 diamonds for a Bitcoin from one user.

Civcraft is quite impressive regarding giving players actual needs such as transport and commerce.

I made this map here http://txapu.com where you can see rail connections. The map tiles are collected and submnitted by players, and the live player list comes from an in-game bot.

Check out the Reddit PvE server at p.nerd.nu. It's pretty incredible what they've built without any cheats, there is a full redstone railway system with automatic switching so you press your destination button and enjoy the ride.

The town dynamic is pretty hilarious to see as well. People recruit new visitors for their towns, offer a plot of land and a horse in exchange for contributing to their great works.

Do they still reset highly frequently? That kind of put me off playing on large public servers.

We reset every 3-6 months.

> there is a full redstone railway system with automatic switching so you press your destination button and enjoy the ride.

Oh man, I remember building one of those on my server back when Redstone was a lot less functional, so I guess it was even more impressive than building the same today with all the new goodies. It had 4 different stations in total, though only the one at our central base was capable of choosing different destinations (the station was pretty big, I recall having a warehouse of NOT-NOT gates to make the proper delay I needed).

There's a similar PvP server at civcraft.vg or /r/civcraft. they don't have automated switching railroads, but considering it's an Anarchy server with cities that go "to war" with each other there is a massive railway support system and all sorts of glorious builds.

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