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Push vs. pull for backups is an interesting philosophical issue, and there's some good discussion of it below. For many setups, pull really doesn't make sense. For example, one of the machines I backup is my personal laptop, and I back it up to a completely untrusted VPS. Therefore I want to be able to encrypt locally and push that encrypted data to the remote VPS. Pulling wouldn't work here, because then I'd have to hand the keys to my laptop to the VPS.

The scenario you're describing, however, sounds like the opposite in terms of trust. And in that case pull may make sense. However it doesn't sound like attic itself natively supports that sort of config. I could envision a sort of hybrid approach where the local machine encrypts to a local attic repository, and then the remote backup server pulls a copy of it. There's nothing stopping you from setting that up, either with attic as-is or with this wrapper script.

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