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Haven't seen this mentioned - but, since bup de-duplicates chunks (and thus may take very little space - e.g., when you backup a 40GB virtual machine, each snapshots takes little more than the actual changes inside the virtual machine), every byte of the backup is actually very important and fragile, as it may be referenced from thousands of files and of snapshots. This is of course true for all dedupping and incremental backups.

However, bup goes one step farther and has builtin support for "par2" which adds error correction - in a way, it efficiently re-duplicates chunks so that whichever one (or two, or however many you decide) break, you can still recover the complete backup.

I saw "par2" and got all excited to see if lelutin re-implemented all the Galois field goodness from scratch, looked at the source and - no, bup merely spawns the par2 binary. Damn :)

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