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Adding a plug for git-annex. https://git-annex.branchable.com/

git annex is for more than just backups. In particular, it lets you store files on multiple machines and retrieve them at will. This lets you do backups to e.g. S3, but it also lets you e.g. store your mp3 collection on your NAS and then easily copy some files to your laptop before leaving on a trip. Any changes you make while you're offline can be sync'ed back up when you come back online.

You can prune old files in git-annex [1], and it also supports encryption. git-annex deduplicates identical files, but unlike Attic &co, it does not have special handling of incremental changes to files; if you change a file, you have to re-upload it to the remote server.

git-annex is actively developed, and I've found the developer to be really friendly and helpful.

[1] You can prune the old files, but because the metadata history -- basically, the filename to hash mapping -- is stored in git, you can't prune that. In practice you'd need to have a pretty big repository with a high rate of change for this to matter.

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"git-annex is not a backup system."

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