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Can this new tool do incremental realtime disk image backup like Acronis True Image?

do you mean something that would automatically update the backup when a file is changed on disk?

bup currently doesn't do that. but there's been some talk of using inotify or another such method of knowing exactly which files are modified when they are so that bup could instantly work on those.

in theory it should be feasible, it's not implemented yet however

I had my Ph.D. student (Andrew Ohana) spend a while last summer implementing exactly this using python-inotify, since I wanted it to greatly improve the efficiency of https://cloud.sagemath.com, which makes very frequent snapshots. It's pretty solid and is on github: https://github.com/ohanar/bup/tree/bup-watch He's been busy with his actual math thesis work and teaching, so hasn't got this upstreamed into bup. It also depends on changes he made to bup to store the index using sqlite instead of some custom format.

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