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On the use of the word "drone"

I agree it's awful that the news has contorted a word to mean such evil things in the eyes of the public. I have come to the realization that the word is here to stay. We can't stop using it just because the meaning has been colored somehow. It is still the correct noun. There is no other word to use in its place. I have given in to using the word and correcting any one that starts in on their MSM provided 'drones are scary' narrative.

I'm been sticking to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) "Drone" has some negative connotations attached to it.

I like to use the term 'flying robots' to make the distinction between a 'dumb' remote controlled vehicle (which RC hobbyist have for 30+ years) and intelligent machines which are capable of autonomous flights and executing complex missions.

I've actually found the word "multicopter" is used in it's place a lot. There's even a subreddit /r/multicopter for it. RC planes is equally common as well.

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