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Weight lifting 3x a week for a little over an hour each time. Going to the gym can be daunting if you have never done it and/or don't have a buddy. "I don't know how to use the equipment", etc. I read Starting Strength and afterwards felt confident enough to get in there and try it out.

Strong Lifts follows the same philosophy as SS, but has modified the workout some. The stronglifts site does cover nutrition (calorie/protein intake) to some extent, which SS does not.

I would do some research on your own first before starting a routine. There is a lot of controversy as well as misinformation about the topic.

http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-tra... http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Strength-2nd-Mark-Rippetoe/dp...

I have been following stronglifts for about 6 months (sticking to simple free weight exercises and short reps).

My friend, who has been working out for much longer, has been doing the usual mix of machines and an overly creative mix of free weight exercises (the type personal trainers love to show off).

Being about the same body type, I've progressed much faster then he has. I've also found it easier to stick with it because I have a well researched workout plan that is dead simple.

There's a starting strength dvd set that's much more accessible then the book which I highly recommend when you starting lifting the heavier weights where proper form is really important. I learned the hard way after having lower back and shoulder pain, which is gone now that I know how to lift properly and started doing dynamic stretches.

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