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Show HN: Stoffi – a music player (github.com)
83 points by pandatigox on Nov 13, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

> "This project should not be taken very seriously."

I really think you're being a bit too unfair to yourself and to your work, so I suggest you remove that line. Most great programs start off simply and grow.

The screen-cap image implies it's a ms-windows program, but readme.md does not list any system or build requirements (particularly OS and toolchain).

If you have a website for the project (implied by the "Website" code directory), you should link to it from github.

All in all, it looks great. Thanks for ShowHN'ing it.

Link to the website: https://stoffiplayer.com/

I remember reading a post about hiring 'rock star' programmers where it said they are usually pretty humble and don't think their accomplishments are especially great, ie. they don't realize how good they are. Christoffer seems like one of those guys. Great job!

I saw "using MonoMac.AppKit" in the source so it looks like it is for win32 and osx, using mono to bridge to native GUI?

It's no more of a bridge, then WinForms is a bridge to Win32...

> The screen-cap image implies it's a ms-windows program, but readme.md does not list any system or build requirements (particularly OS and toolchain).

Should have gone with the neutral screencap - OS X...

> Should have gone with the neutral screencap - OS X...

or.. you know.. a few screenshots on different platforms.

I can't remember someone doing that. Usually it's just screencaps from OS X.

It's fairly common for x-platform; otherwise it just shows screenshots from the developer's main machine, which tends to be a mac these days.

[edit] And it's clear from the about section of the home-page that the developer uses windows, since he credits other's for the Mac & Linux support.

https://stoffiplayer.com/news was last updated 4 months ago (apart from the website folder)...

https://stoffiplayer.com/news was last updated "December 24, 2012"...

This project doesn't show much signs of life, how is it news?

What is interesting is one of his other projects: dance analyzer, a plugin for Stoffi


It uses Kinect for Windows to quantify dance movements

Err wow. I think you just killed off my use of VLC media player.

This fixes two major annoyances I've had with VLC in that it never handled displaying the Genre in the playlist and there was some minor problems in the meta files in my MP3s that meant I could never have all my files displayed as it crashed when loading in the files.

It found all my MP3s both without me having to tell it where they were and loaded them in quickly.

Awesome work!

I love UI that don't skin themselves. I can't wait until that particular bug is fixed though :).


(every label of the interface has the `text` text instead of the expected word (`play`, `file`, etc.)

I solved it by clicking on the last "Content" button in the menu bar and switching the language twice (first to the second option, then back to English).

Perhaps file a bug report on that Github repo?

At a glance this looks like a good project to learn from, specifically about how to structure non-trivial programs. I write lots of spaghetti code and struggle to keep things separate. This code looks clean and well documented.

Does it have support for WASAPI output on Windows? The output via DirectSound is unacceptable for some with the obsession on bit-perfect output (or Audiophiles, I suppose).

I don't know if this is possible, but if a music player could integrate Amazon Music, Spotify, internet radio, and local music, I'd be in love.

Can anyone compare this to Banshee [1]?

1: http://banshee.fm/

>Cloud synchronization

>Silent upgrades

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