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It seems dishonest to claim to "invent" something that already exists, and is as trivially simple as "ignore errors". Haskell already has this for example in GHC: -fdefer-type-errors. Notice how it is only used for ignoring errors in known broken code, not for actually trying to leave out type checking permanently. That's because the premise that static types get in the way and it is better to not have them sometimes is false.

I think you are confused about what is being claimed.

Jeremy Siek (the author) published two papers last decade: "Gradual Typing for Functional Languages" (http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~siek/pubs/pubs/2006/siek06:_grad...) in 2006 and "Gradual Typing for Objects" (http://ecee.colorado.edu/~siek/gradual-obj.pdf) in 2007.

Those papers are not saying "we're the first to combine static and dynamic typing." Those papers are saying "we're the first to formalize the combination of static and dynamic typing into an overall sound type system."

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