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"Designing Data-Intensive Applications" is shaping up to be an excellent treatement of modern databases and their underpinnings. It's at an excellent level of abstraction, deep enough to convey database internals while high level enough (so far at least) to be able to cover a wide variety of database systems. It also has its feet firmly planted in database history, and is NoSQL-koolaid free. Highly recommended.


When you say "NoSQL-Koolaid free", do you mean "focuses on Relational" or "treats the topic objectively/academically"?

Not OP, but the latter. The author talks both about data models (relational, document, graph-based, with some nice historical tidbits about IMS and CODASYL) and storage models (from B-trees to SSTables, passing through bitmap encoding and everything else).

It is an amazing book so far, and I'm pretty excited for the rest of it to be written. It's the best text I've read so far on databases that gives all the references you need if you want to go deeper, but still allows you to get a very good higher-level understanding without it.

That sounds fantastic. I'll give it a look

It covers modern NoSQL databases but puts them in their proper historical context by comparing them to the (largely rejected) hierarchical database systems. (At least when we're talking about things like 'document stores.')

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