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This has become my preferred translation. It's a great modern translation and uses very approachable language. To me it reads much more like a journal than the other available translations.


Unhappy with my existing copy and as part of a general effort to replace low-quality physical books with either higher-quality dead-trees or ebooks, I surveyed every translation of Meditations that I could find a few months ago, comparing key passages between them and with the original Greek.

I settled on Maxwell Staniforth's translation. The only hardcover of it I could find was from the Folio Society[1]. There may be paperbacks available from other publishers, I don't know.

Folios are somewhat cheaper on the used market, and used copies of Folio Society books tend to be exceptionally well-kept, probably because they're so pricey new.

As usual, most older (public domain) translations don't have much going for them for a modern reader. Several of the newer ones were OK, but Staniforth's manages to hold very close to the original while remaining easy to read, besting most other translations on both fronts, IMO.

The Hays translation linked by the parent strays, to my eye, exceptionally far from the form of the Greek text, so if fidelity to the original is important to you I'd avoid it.

Hopefully that helps save someone the three or four hours I lost to this :-)

[1] http://www.foliosociety.com/book/MDS/meditations

Seems like the Kindle link on that page is to a different version, this looks to me like the correct Kindle version: http://www.amazon.com/Meditations-New-Translation-Modern-Lib...

Thanks for the recommendation (really) but please don't use URL shorteners.

Also, if you went to that link, your session (?) is now tagged with the affiliate code "mushavproboo-20".

For kicks and transparency sake, here's the bitlink: https://bitly.com/1xy6LYZ+

Bah, sorry about that. I copied it out of the chrome extension that I use to promote books on my blog out of habit. My bad. Won't happen again.

Side note. I use to read a meditation or two every morning as part of my morning routine. I've fallen out of the habit but am going to start again. There's some really great thoughts in here.

I like that translation as well. There are some really powerful thoughts in there. It always puts me in a more centered mindset.

Agreed. I've read a couple and this is my favorite translation.

I also like this translation. Some passages describe so well the people and situations that I encounter every day. Plus ca change...

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