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A HFT's Response to Michael Lewis' Flash Boys (amazon.com)
5 points by chollida1 on Nov 8, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I thought this would make a good counter point to Michael Lewis' popular Flash boys book.

It's written by someone who has actual market understanding and I found it to be a pretty devastating rebuttal to Lewis' book.

Not surprisingly it has a U shaped review curve with people either giving it 5 stars or 1 star much like the beloved book SICP.

If you'd like both sides of the story then I'd recommend reading this, it can be consumed in an evening!

Not so much U shaped as you say. 19 5star reviews, only 2 1star reviews and no other reviews as of right now. Kinda seems like the author had his buddies review it on amazon at this point. But this could be a good book; I didn't read Flash Boys, but if I do or did, I would want to read something like this as well.

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