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Having used both, I don't think Go and Erlang are even close in comparison. Go's lack of go routine isolation and error handling will never allow it to properly handle the problems Erlang was designed for without a lot of defensive programming and pain. Start 20,000->30,000 go routines and have one of them crash, taking down the other 29,999 go routines and now try and debug that problem in production? Go tries to advertise that it was built writing important services in, but it's shared everything model really argues against that. Erlang's hot code loading, runtime inspection, production quality REPL, and process isolation makes it a completely different language than Go. Until Go routines and channels get way way better, I would never attempt to write a distributed server that needs high availability in Go, it is just too fragile atm.

On the other side of the coin, if I wanted to write a simple command line tool quickly that was easy to deploy to many servers, Go might be a great choice, where Erlang is a bit painful for small and simple programs.

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