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APL was the first language I learned - we used an IBM Selectric type terminal with an APL type ball on a time sharing system. I still fondly remember writing Least Squares analyses in 1 line of "code". I couldn't believe how clunky Fortran and Basic were in comparison.

Same here. My father worked for IBM research and we would use APL to code up spirographs and Lissajous curves. I would type in a slightly different number and get a new sprirograph which was neat for 10-12 year old kid. I am doing the same with my kids now though with Python. Anyway just for a play/fun side-project I am writing an APL interpreter in Java. But what I would really like to see is a Pythonistas type app but for APL with the tablet virtual keyboards supporting the APL glyphs. I wish I had more time, I would tackle this myself. I would also like to see APL in an IPython Notebook-like environment (now project Jupyter, I believe). Jupyter is meant to support R and Julia, but hopefully APL can be plugged in perhaps with NGN APL. With virtual keyboards I really believe we could see renewed interest in APL.

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