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congratulation on getting the project founded. I have pledge myself $30. I couldn't see any incentive to go higher ($20-$60 is usually the range I am comfortable dealing with) than that as most of the added value within the range seems to be mainly related to the launch event that I absolutely cannot afford to attend. Sorry about that.

Thanks for backing! Yeah it was a common complain that I can sympathize with - I could not think of any good rewards outside of physical products. I refused to do physical products because I don't believe its ethical in a KS campaign, unless your campaign involves the product in question. I see too many campaigns that spend all their time and money shipping out t-shirts, where those pledges should be used to fund the game, not swag. :) I will try to come up with some good retroactive rewards for my high backers as well -- really, its not so much about the rewards as supporting something though, riiiight? ;)

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