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I've seen this pop up in HN a couple of times and was really impressed. A couple of weeks ago I found it in kickstarter, learned you would share the code and was AMAZED by the "digging" feature. I contributed with some money, and some more yesterday after your appeal.

While I don't have big hopes for the game (sorry), I think the tech is really cool. I'm eagerly waiting for more news, and a build to play around with.

Thanks! Don't be sorry - I myself have relatively little hope for the game aspect of it - most of my hope is allocated to what modders might do with it. The reason I am putting in a game is to dogfood my product and make sure I focus on relevant features (in addition to driving some sales - I don't think I could survive off engine sales alone initially).

The game ideas were, and still are, quite vague, but I am taking community input and reshaping it dramatically around what they think is important and what is not (not giving away full control of the game, but carefully weighing all criticism). My KS campaign never got to the point of reflecting that because I've been so busy with everything else (coding, managing the forums, twitter, etc). :)

That said, I do one day hope to have an interesting game in there, even if it is not up to par with what modders have created.

I think it would be awesome if some well known game designers that have worked on similar games can donate some time to advise on the gameplay aspects of it. I know that if I were such a person, I would definitely find some time to help out on such an ambitious project.

There's no reason why, with as much time as you're putting into the coding, that the game play aspects couldn't be just as interesting.

Well, one member of my community is possibly building a Dwarf Fortress visualizer with it. Also, another very well known designer who I can't name was interested in a licensing deal, but I pointed him towards the Voxel Farm and Atomontage engines because I did not have perspective at that time (and also, for a AAA game, my engine is not nearly polished enough).

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