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30 years?! Erlang was published internally by Ericsson in 1986, so you were (or know someone) on the original development team or among the first users?

Sorry, I may be assuming incorrectly. The person is in their 50s, and they're the most experienced developer I know (and can pick stuff up very quickly), so I assumed they'd have 30+ years of Erlang experience.

It only dawned on me later that Erlang was only created in the 80s, so I must have misspoken, but yeah, my friend is one of the best developers I've had the pleasure of working with regardless.

And why isn't your friend finding a job with such a huge experience? I don't want to offend you, just plain curiosity.

He generally has steady work, he's just starting to look again. I figured a thread about Erlang would be pertinent to this.

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