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If you dig around in HN's search there are a lot of good comments from people like jerf on the differences:



But there are more here and there if you hunt for them.

I think for things where they are sort of similar, Go will definitely be the more successful language because it looks so much more familiar and because it's moving faster with more momentum, at this point.

I'm using Erlang for a semi-embedded thing at the moment, though, where stability is more important.

Whenever I think about Erlang's stability I recall the problems mentioned by CouchDB authors and RabbitMQ users. Apparently CouchDB hit some problems with low level disk access that they couldn't trace and that pushed them to migrate away from Erlang. RabbitMQ is allegedly dropping lots of messages for unknown reasons under heavy use. I do not have the links at hand for reference but such stories make me wonder how battle-tested Erlang really is when you need to persist your data (and not just transmit it over the network).

The Riak guys have better experience here and I would argue that it's pretty well battle-tested when Apple is deploying hundred node Riak clusters for production :) (Riak is built on-top of Erlang)

For what kind of embedded thing? We're using it for embedded things too...

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