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I wonder if HiDPI support for Linux (and Windows) finally works.

Edit: just grabbed the community edition and the answer is... no. Even with -Dis.hidpi=true - no luck.

Looks like Oracle is not going to support it out of the box in upcoming JREs, so we're going to do it by ourselves in our custom jdk.

Can you give any more details about this? Are you going to be trying to fix a lot of the bugs on OSX on JDK > 6 too?

Is this only an issue on Linux and Windows? I'm running Java 8u25 on OSX without an issue. Java 7u40 introduced high dpi support [1], but I didn't know it was only a fix for OSX.

[1]: http://bugs.java.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=8009754

I really hope it does. IntelliJ is the main reason why I didn't buy a HiDPI laptop yet (Chromium also has some issues, but Firefox works great).

Try Mac Book Pro with Retina. Works perfectly

Looks crystal clear on my retina macbook pro running yosemite. Might be an OSX specific fix however since HiDPI is way more common in the mac world.

Works fine for me on Linux. Some icons are too small, but apart from this, no complaints.

Could you share your setup - Distro, Desktop Environment, settings, etc.

try with JDK 1.7 (Java 7)

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