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A/B test it, it's the only way to be sure. I doubt most people can CJ(K) can even tell the difference. When proof reading Germans' English texts, one of the things that was regularly necessary was fixing punctuation to use English commas and apostrophes. I did this for people doing English degrees. Normal people will not notice this on any (conscious) level without training/education in it. It's like how you never noticed bad kerning before you knew what kerning was (typography, the gift that keeps on giving).

I did not specify whether the preference would be conscious or unconscious, and I disagree that me running the A/B test myself instead of asking if anyone else already knows the answer to the question already (maybe by having run experiments themselves) is the only way to be sure (well, OK, it is always the case that people I am targeting might be different than other people already studied, but at that point there is no longer any value in trying to learn things as a species at all, which is a pointless precision).

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