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I couldn't find the exact page the author used, so I took a screenshot of that "ancient virus" story instead. This[1] is how it looks on a standard English Ubuntu 14.04 system (no tweaking and no extra Chinese fonts installed). The English in it doesn't look half bad; there's even kerning!

As an aside, if you look at the top of my screenshot, you'll see a little lyric display on my taskbar. I use it to learn Japanese while I listen to anime songs. I wrote it in Python3 and there was not a single instance where I had to bother with Unicode or encoding issues.

   with open(file) as f:
       lines = f.readlines()
works as is on Japanese files; I don't even have to supply the encoding. PyGTK and Gnome handles the Japanese text perfectly when I pass it to them. I'm throughly impressed by how far we've come in terms of Unicode support in programming languages, libraries, and the OS.


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