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> There should be a fairly straightforward Javascript workaround for this

There is. Sort of.

It's a javascript bookmarklet I named "FIXEDFIXER" that lives on my bookmark toolbar:

Changes all elements with "position:fixed" into "position:static". Works like a charm.

In my experience this little line of code fixes at least 90% of all my scrolling/coverup/screen estate problems. Sometimes the "position:fixed" element actually disappears, but I've been using this tool for over a year, and I have never had anything disappear that I actually wanted to see, read or use. (funny how that's a lot like the popup-windows on the web of old)

Curious to see how this works out.

Let me know! I use and tested it for Firefox, but I guess it should work the same in Chrome. Also if there aren't any copy/paste errors from my bookmarks toolbars to the code here. I use it myself at least a couple times per day (otherwise I'd probably have my bookmarks toolbar hidden per default).

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