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Ask HN: Who's using Clojure in production?
79 points by viksit 1056 days ago | hide | past | web | 53 comments | favorite
Who's using Clojure in production today and what are you using it for? I'm curious about the state of the ecosystem and its adoption today.

There are a lot of old threads (on HN[1] or Quora[2]) that ask this - but none of them seem to reflect latest on who's using Clojure in production in late 2014. The recent State of Clojure data [3] doesn't capture this either.

[1] https://hn.algolia.com/#!/story/forever/0/whos%20using%20clojure

[2] https://www.quora.com/Whos-using-Clojure-in-production

[3] https://cognitect.wufoo.com/reports/state-of-clojure-2014-results/

We're using Clojure at the University Health Network (http://www.uhn.ca/). Our team primarily develops mobile and web applications for clinical use. We started using it about 4 years ago, and now have a number of applications and services written in it.

We're primarily a Java shop and Clojure was appealing because it allowed us to leverage the existing ecosystem, tools, and libraries that we were already using. With Clojure, we were able to develop applications much more rapidly than with Java and we found that the applications were easier to maintain. The latter primarily comes from pervasive immutability and vast overall reduction in code.

We're currently exploring ClojureScript for the client side and already deployed a small app in production using Reagent (http://reagent-project.github.io/). It's worked extremely well for our needs to far.

I was also able to release a number of libraries I developed for work as open source:

- clj-pdf PDF generation - https://github.com/yogthos/clj-pdf

- instant-pdf service - https://github.com/yogthos/instant-pdf

- Selmer templating library - https://github.com/yogthos/Selmer

- markdown-clj - https://github.com/yogthos/markdown-clj

- reagent-forms - data binding library for Reagent - https://github.com/reagent-project/reagent-forms

This is awesome! Curious if you guys also use Luminus? What was the genesis of that?

I'm actually the author of Luminus, and it's used as our default template for web apps right now.

(Yes, I realized and hence the question hehe. I've been bugging the list/github issues on luminus for some time now. Excellent project!)

Thanks! :)

Interesting and relevant comment from cbrozefsky, which is marked dead.

ThreatGRID, now part of Cisco, uses clojure in our malware analysis and threat intelligence platform. It's a core part of our analysis engine, which examines all the things malware does and how to detect it on the rest of your systems. We've built a 1980s "expert system" startup using core.logic.

It's also the core of our API service, and the UI built on top of that. We use clojurescript extensively in the UI, and have been moving large parts of it to Om.

It is a key technology for us, letting us build better analysis tools, faster and more performant than other languages. We have clojure code in production both in our SaaS offering, and shipped to many large finance, government, and corporate customers around the world.

At Tide Pool Capital we've been using Clojure for a trading platform on peer-to-peer consumer credit. The system has been in production since the summer of last year. Clojure has been a pleasure to use and the ecosystem has supported all of our needs: Postgresql, redis, rest, soap, 0mq, AWS, client/server, producer-consumer channels, concurrency, etc. Our server is nginx with Pedestal.

My new startup Clubhouse (http://www.clubhousehq.com) uses Clojure for the entire backend. Also, the data team at my last company Intent Media (http://www.intentmedia.com) used Clojure for most of their data analysis.

It’s Artem from Wildbit (http://wildbit.com). We’ve been using Clojure in production since 2012.

http://dmarc.postmarkapp.com/ — free DMARC weekly digests and API. Clojure back-end + Javascript front-end.

http://dploy.io — a Ruby on Rails app featuring internal Clojure RPC built on top of clj-jgit and subversion-clj libraries (both currently supported by Wildbit).

The usage of Clojure at Beanstalk (http://beanstalkapp.com) has also been growing since the blog post already mentioned in this thread. It now powers our indexing infrastructure, provides internal RPC and runs sophisticated reports in the background.

Major startups I know that are using Clojure are CircleCi and Prismatic.

I also know Walmart Labs has a team that does Clojure.

we are using it at event fabric and we love it: http://eventfabric.com/

some libs we use:

* immutant http://immutant.org/

* prismatic's plumbing https://github.com/Prismatic/plumbing

* korma http://www.sqlkorma.com/

* friend https://github.com/cemerick/friend

* metrics clojure: https://github.com/sjl/metrics-clojure/

feel free to ask anything :)

also, do you have any references or examples of how exactly you use immutant? I looked into it but it seemed to complicated for the webapp I wanted to write, so I went with Hoplon instead. But immutant looks really powerful... I just can't imagine how I would take advantage of it.

are you hiring clojure hackers?

sweet website dude

We use Clojure (in production, or almost) at Red Pineapple Media in Berlin, mostly for basic web dev stuff (compojure, http-kit, org.clojure/java.jdbc, cassaforte) and data analysis (Apache Spark, using flambo (https://github.com/yieldbot/flambo). We're building new services with it, but we also rewrite performance-critical parts of our backend from PHP to Clojure.

We (Xcoo, Inc.) are using Clojure since 2013.


Our products using Clojure are :

- "Chrovis", which is a bio-informatics web application that analyzes and visualizes huge genome data sets https://chrov.is

- "Hacker News Hack", which is a web application that shows HN with categories and popularity http://newshack.io

Teradata is using it for Loom - http://www.teradata.com/Teradata-Loom

I have worked in Yousee IT Innovation labs through 3.5 years where we had both clojure and datomic running in production.. The main part of the applications was integration type components coupled via hypermedia REST APIs. One of the most flexible application layout's I ever been working on. Lein and GO deployment..: http://yousee.dk

Here's a few:

- Walmart Labs - http://jobs.walmart.com/san-bruno/ecommerce/mobile-instore-s...

- Staples - http://careers.staples.com/sanmateo/

- Climate Corp (now owned by Monsanto) - https://github.com/TheClimateCorporation

- RoomKey http://www.colinsteele.org/post/27929539434/60-000-growth-in...

- Puppet Labs - http://puppetlabs.com/blog/new-era-application-services-pupp...

- Soundcloud - http://blog.josephwilk.net/clojure/building-clojure-services...

- Netflix - https://speakerdeck.com/daveray/clojure-at-netflix

- eBay - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/26386571

- Two Sigma - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHctJMUG8bI

- Consumer Reports - http://www.meetup.com/denofclojure/messages/boards/thread/47...

- LivingSocial - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/19995533

- Factual

- Thoughtworks - http://thoughtworks.github.io/p2/issue09/two-months-early/

- Daily Mail - http://www.pitheringabout.com/?p=1018

- MixRadio - http://dev.mixrad.io/blog/2014/10/19/Clojure-libraries/

- Prismatic - http://blog.getprismatic.com/blog/2013/1/14/bringing-functio...

- Pivotal Labs - http://www.pivotaltracker.com/community/tracker-blog/generat...

- Beanstalk - http://blog.beanstalkapp.com/post/23998022427/beanstalk-cloj...

- uSwitch

- CFPB (Credit Financial Protection Bureau) - https://cfpb.github.io/articles/seeking-clojure-developers-t...

- Braintree Payments - https://speakerdeck.com/davidpick/building-a-data-pipeline-w...

- Outpace

- ViaSat / Lonocloud

- 8th Light

- Main Street Genome

- FarmLogs

- nilenso

- BrickAlloy

- Mastodon C

- Nubank

- Democracy Works

- World Singles

- Sonian

- Vital Reactor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yroKdhAt8as

- DiligenceEngine - http://blog.diligenceengine.com/2014/08/12/were-hiring-for-t...

- IB5k - https://groups.google.com/d/msg/clojure/XMKe4v7k5g8/Hao7TuFb...

- Listora - https://github.com/listora

- BUGS Bioscience - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/11032601

- Cognitect and Datomic of course :)

Hey, I wrote the Pivotal Labs podcast and code you mentioned above. While we do use some Clojure(script) in Tracker, it's only used for testing in combination with Test.Check. I personally think that calling that "production" use is a bit of the stretch, but it is certainly an example of useful Clojure usage in the wild!

Alex, there is also a small company called Helpshift that's using Clojure in production since 2009 :-)

Thanks! I didn't have any hope of getting them all!

I'm very curious - did you come up with all of this off the top of your head?

It's a combination of a list of articles on Clojure usage I have stashed away + conference talks + job ads + some of the companies Cognitect has worked with (there are others we're not allowed to mention). I plan to put up a list like this on clojure.org soon.

We use Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic at https://www.cognician.com.

I wrote recently about our newer generation efforts here: http://www.stuttaford.me/2014/09/24/app-and-dev-services-wit...

We use Clojure in production at Shareablee with Storm.


Outpace is a Clojure/CLJS shop - http://www.outpace.com/

Buy Happy is using Clojure + ClojureScript in production.


Clojure web server backend (running on Heroku). ClojureScript/Om frontend, which connects to server with Sente.

We also have a browser extension (Chrome/Safari/Firefox) written in ClojureScript.

We use Clojure in production to run Database Labs, https://www.databaselabs.io . The account management and billing web app is Clojure + Postgres, proxied through nginx. I couldn't be happier with Clojure for webapps.

We (http://bevuta.com/) use ClojureScript for a front-end project relying heavily on Om (https://github.com/swannodette/om)

I work for ThoughtWorks and we have a number of client's who use Clojure in production. This is one example from Australia - http://www.thoughtworks.com/clients/ioof

We're using Clojure in a couple small services behind https://cardforcoin.com and https://foldapp.com

Silverline Mobile (http://silverline.mobi/) uses Clojure in production - managing data from sensors installed in the homes of senior citizens in Singapore.

We're using Clojure in production at Datacraft (http://www.datacraft.sg).

Main usage is on the server side: for web applications, APIs and data analytics back ends.

At akvo.org we are using Clojure in production and hopefully soon also Clojurescript.

We are using Clojure on top of existing Java functionality, and we're moving our Ember based Dashboard over to Clojurescript/Om.

http://devartcodefactory.com is 100% Clojure + Clojurescript (+ open source) and one of the few examples deployed on Google AppEngine

SoundCloud has Clojure in production

I wonder how much Clojure is being used at Twitter, given that they acquired Backtype and then open sourced Storm (as detailed by Nathan Marz)

OpenSensors.io is a clojure & clojurescript shop

The backend of Leancloud.cn is built with Clojure.

paper.li is almost fully clojure. exoscale.ch runs critical infrastructure on clojure.

walmart labs has been mentioned, the climate corporation (recently bought by monsanto) is another well-known one.

Here in Switzerland I can count 4 others smaller companies and at least a very big telco.

If you start counting every company relying on riemann for production monitoring that adds quite a few :-)

We have build a proprietary RTB bidder written in Clojure and powered by custom machine learning algorithms. We use it for mobile customer acquistition and retargeting services - http://www.adgoji.com

I've captured the companies listed here on a page at http://clojure.org/Companies - ping me at the email address listed there if you'd like to be added/removed/changed.

Deutsche Bank (http://blog.malcolmsparks.com/?p=134)

CitiGroup as well, someone who worked there told at euroclojure they have 150 Clojure developers.

In Amsterdam, http://www.adgoji.com/ and http://screen6.io uses Clojure heavily.

Also in Amsterdam, we at http://www.studyflow.nl/ have been using Clojure & ClojureScript for most of our new development.

stylefruits uses Clojure almost exclusively these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv4slaRydRM

The guys at MeeWee are using Clojure full stack. Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic. https://app.meewee.com

We use it at Adaptly for data processing and to build http APIs

iPlant Collaborative - http://www.iplantcollaborative.org

Bittorrent uses both Clojure & ClojureScript in production. Has for over two years.

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