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I think the FCC is responding to industry pressure that the Internet, in its p2p form, is a dead experiment. Cable worked better. Never had to worry about Napster before, just descramblers (but switched networks eliminate that). Read-only, receive-only, don't produce anything, just consume. Put the content distribution servers next to the backbones, but squeeze the small players & independent creators. (Netflix, Twitch..) Charge them more for slower access to the same fiber. Throttle any peer-to-peer protocols, encourage server->client protocols and traffic. Merge content creation & distribution into large conglomerates. Crush the companies who won't be acquired.

The question is: is the open nature of the Internet worth preserving at all? We're already forbidden to run 'servers' on domestic IPs. Can they now destroy the notion that the Internet was ever a peer-to-peer thing?

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