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I suppose there's a suggestion that due to some horrible infrastructure or mismanagement they've been left unpaid. As in, the nature of national debts and the these countries deal with debt is irresponsible or unfair or impractical or all three at once.

Or that the scale of the war can be appraised form its cost to society, just as a matter of perspective.

The reality it seems, is much more mundane, as you point out. That suggestion though, is what maybe the piece is suggesting by its headline. That kind of controversial commentary is why I'd clicked on it to begin with, but if I'd known that it was just being literal about the topic, it wouldn't be nearly as appealing.

Still, it's kind of crazy that these old debts are still lingering around. Just in a broader, historical sense.

Your last sentence is what made me click, so there's that. Didn't load for me though.

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