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Rosetta lined up for lander delivery (esa.int)
73 points by abdullahdiaa on Nov 1, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Is there going to be any kind of 'live' stream/event happening? I'd love to set aside some time to watch it.

Edit: wow, the orbits in the linked video look insane. I had no idea the comet was rotating so much with respect to the orbiter too (I appreciate the video is sped up).

CNES probably will on November 12 between 15:30 and 19:30 CET. I would check the Planetary Society blog too that day for other links.

It is a shame this mission has not gotten more press, but I hope it will be covered more once the landing happens on the 12th. Landing _on_ a comet is awesome, and getting to that point and orbiting a comet is an impressive feat.

It doesn't help that the scientific team refuses to share images from their high-res instrument: http://cumbriansky.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/an-open-letter-t...

I've heard the Philae team may be more open.

Everybody should be conscious that every little outreach frustrated by an embargo is taking money away from the next missions and teams; maybe if someone had been more restrictive before, Rosetta itself wouldn't have ever happened.

I don't know if these are the ones you are referring to, but they did release some neat images:


Those are from the NavCam. The high resolution Osiris camera can capture an area of 19x19cm per pixel at a distance of 10km from the comet.

It's been a hell of a week for space enthusiasts (myself included) with the Antares crash and recent Virgin failure, so it feels extraordinary to hear that other projects are a success (or will be in 11 days).

The result from soil samples will be very interesting.( water )

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