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Author here. Thanks so much for the interest! It's funny, I've been hacking away at a major update that I plan to release in the next few days... Was assuming I'd stay under the radar until then. The update adds a ton of features and improves the UI quite a bit ;)

To respond to some of your ideas feedback:

* I do plan to sell the service by some combination of charging to buy the native version and a monthly/yearly fee for the cloud version.

* By offering the native version I hope to assuage any privacy or legacy concerns -- all you data is on your machine (encrypted and backed up however you see fit). You'll even have access to a local API to extract or do whatever you want with it.

* One idea I've had is to offer a cloud version / native version combo. You would sync to the cloud only your bookmarked sites -- all the other indexed pages you visit would stay on the local version. This way you control what gets put up on the servers but can still have access to your links from all your devices. Thoughts?

* I'd also consider open sourcing it (it's built on Meteor and ElasticSearch) but really do need to get paid for my efforts (just had a baby) and am not familiar with all the ins/outs of open source based businesses. I'd love to hear ideas and advice!

* This has turned out to be quite a lot more difficult than I'd thought but I'm real happy with how things are coming along. Two words: ElasticSearch Rocks.

* Very embarrassed about the privacy policy link. Fixed now. ;)

This looks great, I've wanted this for a long time. One idea: Maybe have an option to "backfill" based on your browser's history? Seems like a good way to give users instant gratification, and solves the problem of "I wish I'd started running this a year ago". In reality, I wish I had it for every page I've visited in the last 14 years.

Update: Another idea - maybe you could integrate with pinboard or delicious.com (if anyone still uses it) to backfill-index all links saved to those services. Maybe this could be a premium feature.

I'm impressed with your work, I always wanted to have something like this, and was about to start coding it!

Here's my feedback: I do want the native version for privacy concerns, but I also want the syncing. Why not offer a program (or Docker container?) that I could put on my cloud of choice? That would be the real freedom. If people don't want to hassle with it, they will just pay your cloud offering.

I really value products that pay attention to this 'detail'.

This is exactly what I wished Workflowy or Thinkery would let me do. I love the mechanics of those two services, but I barely use them because I do not have control over my data. Thinkery basically turned into a bookmarking service for me because of that.

So yeah, that's what I would pay for in this case as well.

+1 Docker or VM.

I'd love to support you in some way if you decide to open source this.

I'm otherwise a bit paranoid to let all the text of every homepage I visit be captured by a closed source plug in. Still - amazing job, and technically very, very impressive.

Hi, The local install option of this looks very interesting to me. I'd like to connect by email and give some feedback. Happy to buy as I'm looking for something that isn't online only.

I'm a regular user of Diigo, about 10K links, 500 different tags. Don't like it being cloud only.

My favourite feature is my ability to annotate a link (mostly highlighting text), so it effectively creates a chronological and topical feed of the exact sentences of what I want to remember from a link. It's kind of a self writing blog of what I read and experienced, complete with what stood out to me, and any notes I wanted to make.

I find I more remember a point or a sentence from a link than the link itself, and having a full text search of the words I remember highlighting and saving is incredibly powerful. I actually end up revisiting those links.

I have some experience with research and filing large databases of articles and images at a job in another life.

Look forward to chatting :)

Very cool, and something I think would be great to have. To add to the questions, have you thought about a version that uses or can interface with owncloud (or something similar)? I think the cross-device capability would be great, but I would personally be more inclined to use it if I could keep the data on servers I control.

Hi, thanks for this incredible useful tool. actually i kind of working a similar chrome plugin. Now i dont have to :)

does it index existing bookmarks? seems its not doing it now. The reason i wanted to build this is because my bookmarks are grown toooo big. And i wanted a way to search.

Please add this feature. and indexing the history too if possible


+1 for this feature!

Quick bug report on the cloud extension in Chrome, probably the others as well. The inputted email address for login is case sensitive, and the initial registration converts any inputted email address to lower-case. It took me a good while to figure out why I couldn't login.


This product is amazing, had something like this in mind for a long and couldn't find a proper implementation.

I would be glad to pay reasonable price for such service.

Localhost/native version is a killer feature. Don't drop it! If you open source the code I'll be glad to contribute...

Congrats, this looks great and promising.

I am wondering how localhost works. When Linux version comes out, will it support storing database on a remote host? In other words, using own virtual host as a server.

I would love the ability to put in as input my delicious bookmarks or Pocket and have the ability to search just those inputs.

Looks great so far :) Any plans to add a Firefox extension any time soon?

i've also wanted this for a loooooooooong time.

btw will it have a way to export the data also ?

i'am ready to pay for this service

keep me updated for the linux version :)

bussiere AT gmail.com


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