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Didn't look at this piece, but more recent J interpreter is here - https://github.com/openj/core . I think the main idea for "a" struct (it is here - https://github.com/openj/core/blob/master/jt.h) is that it has "rank" - the single integer which is the number of dimensions, then array of dimensions - "shape" of length equal to "rank", then "data" part which has the size equal to multiplication of all elements in "shape".

Edit: the structure is at https://github.com/openj/core/blob/master/jtype.h .

Thank you, I was wondering about the purpose of the tr function, which calculates the product of all elements in the vector, now it's clear that it goes from the array of lengths in each dimension to the total "flat" number of elements.

So the "r" field in the "a" struct is the number of dimensions of the array that "a" holds, and the "d" field is the array that holds the length of the array "a" in each dimension.

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