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Is Facebook really down? (sitemeer.com)
38 points by tomasso on Oct 28, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 36 comments

Answers better https://downdetector.co.uk/problems/facebook

Edit: just wondering how long until downdetecter will go down

We are in need of a downdetector downdetector.

I like collecting downtime for big websites :) https://timelinee.com/t/aan6iH/

Facebook theoretically loses about $22,453 for every minute it’s down around the globe.

The average yearly programmer salary is generated about every four minutes. Neat.

Facebook has 7,185 employees as of June 30th, 2014. Assuming the average salary is $100,000 (They aren't all developers). It means that facebook makes enough money to pay all it's employees for the year in 22 and a half days.

That number seems relatively cheap for me. I guess it's a little over that if it's worldwide, no? Not to mention related values like stock prices, etc...

sillysaurus3 said every 4 minutes, meaning the salary would be somewhere between $80k-$90k, which is pretty reasonable.

I need to give TechCrunch the credit for the number $22,453:


Does Facebook ever do postmortems?

Publicly? Rarely. (Here's an example, though, from 2010: https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/more-det...)

Internally? Absolutely, for, at minimum, every user-visible outage.

This is what I want to know. I'm not an expert with ChromeTools, but I was able to determine the following:

1. Viewing the page source showed that only maybe a few dozen lines of html were being retrieved. Stopped somewhere in the million scripts in the <head>.

2. More interestingly, the Network pane showed 200s across the board... no resource was being requested that wasn't being served.

So, the servers were simply serving up a tenth of the web page? Is that it? It seems as though some internal generation of the html pooped out before finishing. No HTTP errors because nothing in the html that we received requested anything that wasn't already there.

Ha, right as we pushed some facebook related functionality to test. No wonder the testers all thought it was down.

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS in portugal

That's a Chrome bug, though it's probably still down for you:


Nice that it allows you to share this on Facebook.

yes it is as far as I can tell. I connect to few of my overseas vpn but it seems to be down there too.

Connected from Morroco (Down) Connected from France (Down) Connected from Luxembourg (Down) Connected from Nigeria (Down)

Up here, Austria / EU.

I was getting ready to ask the same question. Florida Here...

So, how will I procrastinate now? Tumblr, I guess...

Down in Boston

Down in AU but it's just come back up.

- The world broke. - The world stopped.

Down in Santa Barbara, CA as well

Down in southwest FL, 500 error

back up, was down for me maybe 30 minutes

It's back (Serbia, EU)

Down in Charlotte, NC area.

Yes Quebec Here

It's back

Down in France

Up in France

Down in LA.

Up in NYC

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