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We expect ethical behavior from our community, and this fell well short of that standard. Obviously we didn't suggest or approve it, but we are still sorry it happened.

If YCombinator don't kick these guys out, it's going to demonstrate that these all apologies are disingenuous and exist only for PR, and that that in the future the line to cross does is only imaginary.

From the policy:

Some examples of ethical behavior we expect from founders are:

  * Not using misleading, illegal or dishonest sales tactics.

  * Not harassing any YC community member, employees, or anyone else.

  * Not behaving in a way that damages the reputation of his/her company or of YC.

  * Generally behaving in an upstanding way.
Looking at Avi's background:

  "Like at age 16 when my co-founder and I wrote
  one of the first Facebook scripts to mass-invite
  people on Facebook to events we threw. Or how while
  at YCombinator I hacked prototype day (To PG’s
I think YCombinator is starting to have issues with their filtering process.

Also this:

> At first, I decided to just solicit them our deck and pitch but then I realized something: Tim Ferriss and Jason Calacanis almost definitely knew each other. So I spoof called Calacanis from Tim Ferris’ number.

I know PG looks upon a certain amount of "naughtiness"[1] as a potentially positive indicator, but it should be clear to anyone with an inkling of common sense that this is way over the line.

[1] http://www.paulgraham.com/founders.html

...or perhaps the truth is somewhere in between those two extremes.

This is what i call pound of flesh social media, they want to see you hurt, loose your job, loose something. You just a guy behind a computer, relax!

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