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Review My Startup: TweetHook - Twitter Search ping service
22 points by jazzychad on Sept 29, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
I have spent the last several months bootstrapping my own company and developing TweetHook.com to be a Twitter Search ping service to push search results to webhook/callback URLs.

There are several levels of paid plans. There is no free plan mostly to avoid spammers/abuse, but also because I am running on a tight budget and don't have tons of cash to burn. I realize I may turn away potential users with this "paid only" barrier, but the users, developers, and businesses that would want this service should be willing to pay for it. I already have a few very happy clients from my beta testing phase that are sticking around as paid customers.

Please let me know what you think!

Looks very, very useful. I've been looking for something like this.

A few notes on copy:

At https://tweethook.com/th/webhookinfo, under 'POST data arrays', 4th paragraph, you've got "concatinated." That should be "concatenated".

At https://tweethook.com/privacy, you probably mean "Privacy" and "Children Under Age 13". Also, the two links to the TOS point to /privacy, not /terms.

At https://tweethook.com/terms, you've got what is supposed to be a permalink to the Terms under the "Changes to the User Agreement" section. It's not a link and the URI points to something that doesn't exist.

Best of luck sir.

All fixed. Thank you very much for catching those.

Clickable link: https://tweethook.com/

Press release: http://pitch.pe/27243

It is an interesting app and I think a lot of twitter developers will find it useful.

On the UI side you need to rethink things. Twitter apps tend to be on the really well polished side, and your site is lacking here. There are lots of different fonts and effects, alignment issues, things like that. Maybe hire a designer? Or if you want to do it yourself, really simplify things.

How did you structure your pricing? Is it based upon cost or are they random?

The prices are based on cost. I spent a lot of time determining price points based on bandwidth, resource usage, etc. Compared to other data providers like this, I have found these price points to be much less expensive.

Do you have access to the firehose feed?

No, I do not.

congratulations on the launch!

Over the next few months this feature will be added to http://tweetminer.net - one way or another.

Of course it would be great to use a service like this to do the heavy lifting rather than code it myself...

But why would I pay $400 per month for 500 searches per month... when

a) 500 searches per month cost of $4,800 per year

b) 500 searches wouldn't be enough to service my target user-base of 10,000 users.

c) I could roll my own in less than 2 weeks

To be viable for an app developer like myself - the pricing structure would need to make it impossible for me to even consider rolling my own.

BTW - I'm not trying to dis the service, looks nice, just pointing out the pricing structure seems to be wayyyy too high

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