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Angular 2 steals the best ideas from React and Meteor and everything else that has come along in the 5 years since Angular 1 came along, and puts them together in a really nice fashion. IMO, definitely the best of breed for the time being. A few months later, something new and shinier will come along.

Really the choice comes down to whether you're a "single big framework" or "lots of little libraries" type of guy. The former should go with Angular2, the latter with React, IMO.

I have zero knowledge of Angular, just skimmed through the presentation but didn't find it very similar to React. What ideas does it steal? Specifically, does it internally do diffing thing as React?

The consensus seems to be that Angular 2 won't really be ready for use until a year or two from now. I'm sticking to Flux + React for now, but looking forward to seeing Angular 2 mature. I'm hoping they gain the same client-server (shared code) capabilities that React offers.

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