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Show HN: PolyBrowser, the Panoramic Web Browser (polybrowser.com)
19 points by digitalcreate on Oct 22, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Hello HN! After three years of development, I’m excited to announce the launch of PolyBrowser, a “Panoramic Web Browser” that helps you browse faster by stitching your websites together, side-by-side, like a panoramic photo. You can zoom out to see all of your websites at once, or zoom in to see the details. Our goal is to help you search better and work faster by freeing you from the limitation of seeing only one website at a time. PolyBrowser is tailored for users who keep many tabs open, as well as people who do web research such as students, analysts and journalists.

Please give it a try! (Windows and Mac) Let us know about your experience. (We have a discussion forum at https://PolyBrowser.com.) We are also seeking additional team members and industry advisors. Contact me at aaron.travis (at ) polysuite (dot) com.

Really cool. I've been wanting to build something like this for a while. I think the software industry has focused so much on small screens for the past 5 years that we've ignored the possibilities on the big screen. Looking forward to trying it when I have access to my Windows machine.

What I really want to experiment with is using this sort of spatial layout to reflect browsing history, which has a tree structure. So to the right of one page you would see not just another tab, but all the links you opened from that page.

I've been waiting for this many years now. I'll have to wait a bit longer for a linux version, though.

Hi protestor, we spent quite a bit of time on the Linux version, but due to the OS fragmentation and issues with packaging, we had to make the call to temporarily delay the Linux version. It's still a high priority though, and when we bring on additional development resources we will release it ASAP.

Looks slick. Looking forward to trying it.

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