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I've landed two excellent positions through outside (not in-house) recruiters. Though the first was 20 years ago; the last, 14. They were respectful, didn't waste my time or the company's, knowledgeable, and selected people based upon experience or qualified reference (the first position, they contacted the head of a user group who knew me well and referred me; then experience counted).

The experience I've had with outside recruiters in the past 10 years is atrocious, though. All they're looking for is warm bodies to toss at a company, and hope one of them sticks. No or limited experience--they still want to present you...after modifying the resume you've sent them in Word.

Today's outside recruiters are inexperienced in and ignorant of the field ("Your last job was a fitness trainer??"), and borderline unethical.

I'm still surprised so many of them are in business.

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