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so what did you use ?

Well the memory leaks and approach to fallback connections led to it being more sensible to roll our own.

We've only needed to handle concurrent connections in the 1-10k range though.

There are really better c++ and erlang implementations we've investigated but won't pull those off the shelf till needed.

Obviously there's loads of great realtime-as-a-service offerings like Firebase and Pusher that make sense for a lot of use cases, just not ours.

We were always uncomfortable with relying on a third party for a core aspect of infrastructure, and this acquisition introduces uncertainty that we don't have to worry about.

I've not tried it yet, but Poxa [1] looks quite promising: it's an Elixir app that is supposedly compatible with Pusher libraries.

[1] Poxa: https://github.com/edgurgel/poxa

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