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I'm an engineer on Cloud SQL. Support is much, much different from the wider Google reputation in Cloud[1]. We have a long leash to talk directly to people, and we do: Cloud SQL team, at least, monitors the google-cloud-sql tag on Stack Overflow and replies with help when possible. If you pay, you get telephone access to support reps who have a bunch of experience, and when they can't get something done themselves (rare), they can and do file bug tickets with the engineering team directly to get issues resolved.

We are developers and you are developers, and we're all trying to work towards making cool things :) I don't see that changing any time soon, everyone from in Cloud from Urs down gets it. We have to earn your trust, and we do that be providing the best product we can, interacting in communities directly, providing great support, and not creating vendor lock-in. I wouldn't work on this team if we didn't do those things, because I believe in them as being necessary parts much as you do.

[1] I can't speak to the rest of the company because I don't have experience with it, but I had very good support experience with Play too, so it's my hope that support in general at Google has turned a significant corner in recent years.

I appreciate the hardwork you guys are putting in. But what you are saying is tangential to what parent wants. parent wants a committed vision/plan from google towards customer support. Allowing developers to talk to customers is all cool but what's required is commitment from google as a company to invest in customer support resources.

So, when my Google Apps is down, I don't want to geek out and talk to an engineer on the various technical issues. I want it back, up and running asap.

Google Apps !== Google Cloud.

Speaking as a former Google Cloud customer (App Engine), while I had my gripes, the one you cite wasn't one of them. They already provide what you're looking for in my experience.

We have to earn your trust

Who's "we"? You, an honest guy, I'm willing to trust. But not Larry nor whoever the next CEO will be.

Where the buck drops is where mine won't cuz the other guy is your boss.

Isn't the same true of firebase as a company as well? Even pre-acquisition, all you need is for them to bring in an outside CEO who wants to monetize their userbase to screw things up.

That's pretty much true of any online service as opposed to software you control.

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