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As a heavy Angular user, I wonder how much of a role the Angular team played in driving this acquisition.

AngularFire has always been one of the most amazing things about Firebase. So much so that I decided to build my business on it (https://www.angularcourse.com). Misko (Angular creator) himself has said that 3-way binding with AngularFire was the closest to fulfilling his vision of what Angular should be.

Also more than the technology, Google's getting a company that really cares about the developer experience and knows how to design developer products. This is improving but still really lacking in the Google Cloud product line.

Firebase is one of those products that really gets you exciting about programming. Many people have told me about how they were amazed the first time they saw real-time updates in Firebase forge. I know I spent an embarrassing amount of time watching the colors change (green, red, orange) in Forge too.

I just had a flashback from one of Misko's early talks about Angular's original vision as a full set of tools that included a managed database and security rules.

Here's his blog post about the topic:


Some quotes:

"<angular/> provides the database hosting as a service so that your <angular/> application does not have to worry about it."

"The cost of building security and authentication into your web-application is often overlooked when building web-applications. <angular/> offers both out of the box."

I got into Firebase because of Angular, and I am so far really happy with AngularFire. I am looking forward to even better symbiosis between the two! Especially considering all the serious vulnerabilities disclosed recently, I think a lot of people appreciate having a managed platform like Firebase to take care of the back end. AngularFire has the potential to become a significant standard if it continues on course.

we make use of and love the angular/firebase/angularfire combo. for all it's faults and the complaints about how the web was not designed to be an app platform, it's what we have right now and these technologies (among others) really bridge the gap between 'app' and 'web'.

i really hope firebase doesn't get broken up or otherwise disappear into the goog.

and congrats btw!

Hey, class participant here. Your angular course was where I first really saw firebase in action, and speculatively angular probably has something to do with the acquisition.

I'm curious to see how this wraps up into App engine though. Currently there is a web routes hack to get angular to send/receive to datastore, but it's not very robust.

> As a heavy Angular user, I wonder how much of a role the Angular team played in driving this acquisition.

Probably none. Angular is part of Ads, they're not in the Cloud group.

It's true that they're in separate orgs inside the company, but Google is a pretty open place and it's extremely common for different orgs to work together. So I'm not sure that this observation really answers anything.

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