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Congratulations on not using the word "journey" once in your blog post or in this message.

Serious question: what's wrong with the word "journey"?

There is a tumblr called 'ourincrediblejourneyDOTtumblrDOTcom' which tells a long tale of users left in the cold.

Interesting: when I try to post that link as a URL the submission is '[dead]' on HackerNews. Why?

Because it was funny the first few dozen times, but around the 500th occasion that someone stuck in his thumb and pulled out that particular plum, I had a fit of pique and wrote a line of code to kill it. What was I thinking? I'll drop everything and restore it.

I'm also going to detach this subthread and mark it off-topic.

(p.s. I don't mean 500 literally. It's a stand-in for "the number at which I snapped".)

dang, thanks for the explanation. I think you should keep the piqued code in so that we can go 'meta' and have 500 submissions about why an overused meme is dead. :-)

I probably should read the HN FAQ again - its been quite a long while.

That's interesting - I've never come across it. Thanks for the explanation.

>Interesting: when I try to post that link as a URL the submission is '[dead]' on HackerNews. Why?

Because it's a site calling out the user-screwing acquisitions that Y-Combinator exists to make money from.

YC's focus is long term. Great products over long term require real compassion for your users. User-screwing acquisitions are usually acquihires and low return.

HN automatically blocks Tumblr

It's just cliche. There's nothing wrong with the word itself, and it's both descriptive and apt, but it's been driven into the ground by people using it in a glib fashion. See: synergy.


Basically, it's a cargo culted phrase in acquisition announcements.

It's an overused buzzword that has no meaning anymore. Every company that gets acquired has an "amazing journey".

Putting in 100 hours a week for 3-10 years and getting a huge payoff at the end does sort of sound like an amazing journey though.

But it's also true. A startup is a journey!

It's a tired trope in acquisition announcements.

ourincrediblejourney dot tumblr dot com

Least constructive comment, yet most acclaimed.

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