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These guys have created an incredibly useful and unique platform. Congrats!

Call me old-fashioned but I shy away from unique platforms precisely because they are, well, unique, as you don't have a lot of vendor choice should you decide to migrate for whatever reason.

Theres definitely that fear of vendor lockin right now, because theres no standard yet. But on the other hand, the possibilities that firebase opens up are definitely worth that lockin for some users. There's going to be other alternatives sooner or later, now its just about determining how much you trust Google to keep firebase alive as is.

It'll be interesting to see what Google does with firebase. There are already alternatives out there - but question is - which of them will succeed next?

Let's hope google doesn't kill Firebase soon, would be a shame.

They will, eventually.

Don't argue with a timetraveller

The hell with startup, I want to know next Sat's Loto # from timetraveller. :-)

Everything dies eventually

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