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Slightly off topic but does anyone here have any personal VPN recommendations? From personal experience is preferable.

I've been using proxy.sh (despite the name, a regular VPN provider) for a while and have no complaints. They have endpoints in a large number of countries.

Regular link: https://proxy.sh

Affiliate link: https://proxy.sh/panel/aff.php?aff=477

Just setup your own, it's not so many steps actually. I've setup VPN servers for L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and even PPTP. Setup takes 10-30 mins. Just spin up a instance on AWS/Rackspace/whatever and install the apps, then connect to it. Works great.

Btw, here's a simple, fast and easy guide to setup a VPN server: https://github.com/logotype/useful-unix-stuff/blob/master/L2...

Assuming you just need it while traveling, running a VPN server at home is a cheap and effective option. In particular, both DD-WRT and RouterOS have OpenVPN support.

I run a native one off my Synology NAS. Works great. GUI and everything.

I use witopia and I'm very pleased.

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