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> Who wants to hire someone old enough to be their dad?

I do. They almost certainly know more than I do about anything of any substance. Maybe they don't know node.js and mongodb as well as some young person, but they can figure that stuff much faster than I can learn any of the stuff they've learned throughout their life. I worry more about the opposite: who wants to work for someone young enough to be their child?

"Maybe they don't know node.js".

Exactly, there is nothing magical about implementing the Reactor pattern in a 25-year old language.

There's nothing magical about any of it. It's all incremental progress. We place way too much value on specific technologies, and not enough on broad experience. If someone has been successfully building software for decades, it is stupid to think they can't figure out rails or play or clojure or {{whatever}}. They may not want to learn, but that's a different issue.

There are plenty of older developers who are interested in the latest thing. Because us older developers get bored with the old stuff, and we are definitely aware of the issue of falling behind. I am 36 and have been doing Node.js for 3 years.

I was just reading a response to this article with someone who was much older, like 50 or 60 or something, also said he was a Node.js programmer.

I've actually been really paying close attention to trends, new programming languages, etc.

Node.js is kind of old news. The coolest new programming language I know of is Nim.

Stuff that I think that matters for the future is higher-level semantic metalanguages for information exchange and information systems factorization, fully distributed computing, connected devices, and custom circuits/electronics.

It's so absurd that 36 is "older".

I didn't mean to imply that no "older" developers are interested in newer things, just that it really doesn't matter if they aren't.

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