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Down here in Los Angeles the talent pool is very shallow, now we are starting to see the first companies offering equity down here that is meaningful since 1998, seriously. If I hadn't had to go the last 14 years without equity I wouldn't still be coding pushing 43, I'd be an angel investor, basically making a living helping to fund companies. With no equity life is a kind of living hell, no ability to have the normal human experiences of say starting a family, instead its a twilight world of paycheck haircuts and forced unpaid overtime, that leaves you feeling permanently like a zombie as everywhere you turn, its the same demand, everyone here wants 100-140 hours a week, offers you 40 hours pay then tries to haircut you back to 20 hours pay, management through extortion is common down here, either work 100 hours for free or you don't see your next check.

Don't overplay the importance of equity. It's like a lottery ticket - you can't win if you don't have it, but the chances of winning big are still remote.

Sounds like LA is a pretty crappy market for employees. Move someplace with a reasonable cost of living and some big corporations, stick with corporate-friendly technologies, and it's not too hard to pull a six-figure salary in an easy 40 hrs/wk.

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