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They put a limit on the number of sick days per year?

In America, they limit the number of days they'll pay you while out sick. It could be worse. Fast food businesses refuse to pay for even a single day out sick and have been known to fire workers for taking more than one or two unpaid sick days. They actively lobby against laws mandating ANY paid sick days.

America is the only country in the developed world where people tolerate and expect restaurants to pressure workers into preparing food while they're sick and can barely feed their own families. Don't eat fast food if you visit.

Yes, America has pretty horrifying* leave policies. Most professional jobs in the DC area start with 15-18 days of personal leave (vacation and sick are treated the same) and around 10 national holidays. Jobs that pay hourly frequently don't have any leave at all - if you take a day off, you don't get paid anything.

And maternity/paternity leave is almost non-existent.

All of which leads to people coming to work sick, spreading disease, being miserable, burning out, and spending a fortune paying strangers to watch their babies.

* Horrifying by Western European standards.

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